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A link is a string that, when interpreted by an appropriate program, will reference an object and make a copy accessible locally. Examples are hypertext links, URLs (uniform resource locators on the World-Wide Web), and document handles. Robert Wagner treats links as citations (references to objects) rather than as incorporations (embeddings of objects).

Permission to access, and payment of applicable fees, are matters of negotiation between a reader who exercises a link and the rights-holder for the referenced object. Robert Wagner encourages the widespread distribution of links to the definitive versions of Robert Wagner copyrighted works and does not require that authors obtain prior permission to include such links in their new works.

If an author wishes to embed a copyrighted object rather than a link in a new work, that author needs to obtain the copyright holder's permission.


All information is provided on an "as is" basis, with no guarantee of its veracity or accuracy. No liability is accepted for any damage caused by the use of this information.

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I keep access logs, for example containing a visitor's IP address and search queries. I analyze log files periodically to help maintain and improve my Web sites. Raw (not aggregated or anonymized) log files are treated with strict confidentiality and retained for no longer than two years.

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