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Dr. Robert Marcus Wagner
Postdoctoral fellow at Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, München, Germany

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For about twenty years now I am living in Haimhausen, a town near Munich, about half an hour away from the city's center. I attended the Carl-Orff-Gymnasium, a grammar school near Munich. I graduated in Physics, Maths, Economics and Law and German.

In summer 1994 I participated a course about interference optics and holography at BundesSchülerakademie 94/2 Braunschweig. You'll find more infomation concerning BSA and the club of all BSA participants (CdE) here.

Up to July 1996 I worked at GSF, National Research Center for Environment and Health at the Institute of Hydrology. I started studying at Technical University of Munich in Fall 1996. More information about my subject, Physics, you'll find at the Webpages of the Physics Department. Meanwhile I started maintaining LEO's Music Archive, I am working a bit for the Students' Association, and administrating a NT computer pool at Physics Department.

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