Keysigning meeting info -- TUM physics department 2002/12/16

A key signing party is a get-together of people who use the PGP encryption system with the purpose of allowing those people to sign each others keys. Key signing parties serve to extend the web of trust to a great degree. Key signing is act of digitally signing a public key. You can digitally sign your own public key, or another entity's public key. Key signing is done to verify that a given public key really does belong to the entity that appears to own the key. In a sense, key signatures validate public keys.

The Meeting was held in the foyer of the Physics Department (Technische Universität München) on Monday 16th of December, 13:15. Meeting point was right between the Lecture Halls in the middle of the foyer.

Signing keys - Signed keys

The public keyring (MD5 Checksum) available here (MD5 Checksum) contains the public PGP keys of everybody who was present at the meeting.

If you submit the keys you signed after the meeting to me via mail, I will append them to this keyring. Such this keyring might also contain your key(s) with new signatures done by other participants. Currently, it contains all new signatures due to the meeting. Should you think a particular signature should be there but isn't, just drop me a mail. Be careful: Signing Photo IDs is only possible with GnuPG 1.0.7 or newer, or with PGP for Windows 7 or newer. Signing them with older versions results in BAD signatures!

Past meeting

A previous meeting took place at Augustiner Biergarten, 2002/06/21 15:00 MEST.

Next meeting(s)?

The yet unexplored reigns of computer scientists, mechanical engineers and Max Planckians remains to be visited by a key signing party. If I am motivated enough (and after the last meeting, this might well be the case), the next meeting might take place in the first weeks of 2003, perhaps in the FMI building on the Garching Campus. Stay tuned.

What to Bring

During the meeting

How to proceed after the meeting:

External link: GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO

This document also explains how to generate and sign keys...


What not to bring to the meeting

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