Observed Solar And Lunar Eclipses
Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006

Observed from Side-Çolakli, Turkey, 36°48'46"N 31°18'52"E 2m a.s.l.


We stayed near Side from March 26th to 31st, 2006 and were able to observe the eclipse right from the beach :-) Side is a small town about 60 km East of Antalya, Turkey. Its Roman amphitheater served as venue for NASA's Sun-Earth day 2006.

We had a DV video camera, a Canon EOS 300D SLR with a Maksutov 1000/10 lens, a Canon EOS 20D SLR with a Maksutov 500/8 and a Sigma 18-125 lens, and a small Sony digital camera with us. Since we were hoping for our first successful total solar eclipse, the program for totality was only to photograph partial phases, the corona, some protuberance details and, if possible, to record shadow bands.

All photos taken during the Turkey trip can be found here - Apart from the stunning black sun, we enjoyed loads of Roman ruins, the amazing limestone formations of Pamukkale, and wellness, food and drinks in our fullboard accomodation situated right on the central line of the eclipse in Side/Çolakli :-)

Beach in Çolakli Apollon Temple, Side Pamukkale Hierapolis Sun-Earth Day Venue Manavgat


As for the pictures below, click on them for larger versions. The complete set of TSE photos (12 images) is also available online.

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NEW: A 70 second Quicktime movie of the 2nd and 3rd contact is available (22 MB):



R. Wagner, 2006-04-15